Ikki Kurogane is the number one men protagonist from Rakudai Kishi zero Eiyuutan

Ikki Kurogane is the number one men protagonist from Rakudai Kishi zero Eiyuutan

Despite your hailing from a highly-recognized home having put premium Blazers to own generations, he had been known as failing, even for an enthusiastic F-Rank and you may born which have an effective ineffective electricity becoming known as the Worst One. Immediately after leaving home to follow their desires, typing Hagun Academy, but he had been forced to recite annually as a result of the earlier personnel and intervention of one’s Kurogane Family.

Shortly after Kurono Shinguuji got the career as the Movie director and you will fired all the other team doing work in it, Ikki is assured when the guy was to earn the brand new 62nd Seven Famous people Blade Art Event, after that she would allow him to graduate. From the finals, Ikki turned among about three Desperados out-of Japan and turned the modern Seven A-listers Sword King. The guy and participated in the new contest ranging from Vermillion and you can Cradleland as an integral part of Team Vermillion.

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Ikki try an early boy away from average level which have spiky black colored hair and you will grey attention. He could be also known as which have a thinner however, well-built toned physique and you may pretty deal with, which makes your popular with one another younger female and even older ladies. Each other their physical features and you may soft looks are one of many reason Sara wanted him as their nude design. Ikki along with holds a robust similarity so you can one another their father and you may elderly aunt.

There had been situations where Ikki possess used several gowns in the the brand new series based on the day or skills, he is mostly seen using the product quality uniform to possess Hagun Academy.

After perishing as a result of Or-Gaule and being restored by the Shizuku playing with Aoiro Sekai, Ikki gone back to the appearance of a beneficial ten-year-old and therefore has the real has actually and you may abilities out-of a child.


Even after his severe teens, Ikki shows as a robust-willed and you will commendable child that have a caring identity, that has been revealed from the series when he when he helped anyone else including his classmates raise into the all their show the help of its equipment even after folk prior treating your such as failing. So it brought about people that fulfilled your myself (even for a moment) to matter new untrue hearsay Mamoru Akaza spread from the Ikki’s, that have located him to get most kind and you can respectful. That it holds true for those individuals struggling to become better to their individual, as he knows what a painful highway it absolutely was. In the event Nagi said that is also can a bad situation as Ikki is actually also accustomed becoming hurt he wouldn’t be able to listen to the brand new shouts away from his or her own cardio, an undeniable fact proven ahead of his combat Kirihara immediately after he previously an anxiety and panic attack and you can throughout the whenever Ikki would not see through the new problem earliest.

Despite his calming character, Ikki can cure his temper shortly after watching Bishou pushing Stella in order to remove in front of these to save yourself the new hostages. The guy wouldn’t even hesitate to maim enemies as he stop Bishou’s case having fun with Raikou and he is close to injuring Kirihara, however, he purposefully skipped of the step one millimetre, merely to prove that he you will maim If your situation entitled because of it, Ikki won’t hesitate to eliminate their foes when he are pressed so you’re able to eliminate Iris Ascarid, albeit he did be bad because the she is actually each other a pal and you may comrade, while comprehending that he did not have a choice.

Ikki is been shown to be quite peaceful within the perhaps the most thorough of state, due to the fact seen when he resided relaxed the whole run into with Kuraudo also grooming from the proven fact that he had been strike having an effective bottle, seeking avoid the fight even after he was spat towards. He is able to be also cool into the battle and you may will not head seeing a heated fight with a powerful adversary, which is revealed several times about Options Matches and you will 7 Famous people Blade Art Event.